Armani Prive: Couture Paris 2015, Backstage Girls 

It’s like looking at photographs from a rather dazzling wedding. One where the wedding planner has brilliantly insisted that all attendees wear Armani Prive. A wedding complete with more than one bride, no less. Modern. Or would that be medieval? Either way, the brides don’t half look beautiful on their special day. As do their guests - take a moment to observe them as they make their way from the venue. Oh look, it’s our Pauline. Lovely girl, Pauline. Looking particularly demure in her simple red number. One must not upstage the bride though, and there’s no chance of that in their lacy tiered gowns, veils glistening with confetti post vows. Mr. Armani is a very lucky man.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


By Will Johns